A report on the AGM 2016 by Michael Norsworthy, Lay Vice President

Our annual meeting, held on 23rd April in the Chaplaincy House, was chaired by Canon Medhat Sabry, our Area Dean. He opened the meeting with a short address on “Giving of our best; not of what is left over”, and Fr Tim Brooke led us in prayer. Jens Alro, our Treasurer presented the 2015 accounts which showed a deficit of €2500 due to a fall in income from gift aided and other donations, and an increase in expenditure on repairs to the chaplaincy house.

It was clear from the reports that followed from the Lay Vice President, the Churchwarden, the Sunday School Leader and the Mothers’ Union that, despite the disappointment of the absence of any response to our advertisements for a new chaplain, the main priorities of the Parish had been fulfilled, namely a full programme of regular weekly and special services, 38 wedding blessings, funerals, pastoral visits and home communions, monthly Apostles lunches, some fund-raising, and maintenance of the website. However, much more remained to be undertaken, including the revival of bible study sessions, more fund-raising and fellowship events, and greater publicity to raise our profile. In the ensuing discussions, repeated emphasis was laid on the need to attract more core volunteers, to bring younger members into our worship, to encourage teamwork and greater unity between our three congregations, and on the importance of tithing.

In the annual elections in both the APCM and the subsequent Council meeting, new members were elected to the following positions: Ashley Price – Auditor; Robert Good – Deputy Churchwarden; Michael Norsworthy – Synod Representative; Anita Good – Electoral Roll Officer; Polly Price, Anita Good and Ashley Price – PCC members.

Following the annual meeting, members enjoyed an excellent bring-and-share lunch.

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