Environmental Information from the Diocese

The Anglican Church have for sometime now voiced their concerns about caring for the Environment we all live in, and have appointed a Diocesan Environmental Officer, namely Rev. Elizabeth Bussman, who gave an address to the Gibraltar Archdeaconry Synod in 2017.

Under the slogan of SHRINKING THE FOOTPRINT, the Church of England is attempting to make us all aware of the problems we face today and in the future throughout the world as a result of pollution, drought, devastation of rain forests and so forth, and urges us to think about how we as an organization and as individuals can do our own bit now and for future generations.

There is a website “churchcare.co.uk/about us” which you can visit to see what they suggest people may like to do in their own Church communities. The whole concept is called the Church of England National Environmental Campaign.

Here in Lanzarote which is a designated Unesco Biosphere because of its unique landscape and its commitment to preserve and maintain the wonderful natural environment, both residents and visitors should be aware of our responsibilities to help to continue this.  Simple things like recycling, picking up litter left lying around, possible car sharing, and certainly collecting rainwater (from the low amounts we actually get in Lanzarote) for use in the gardens.  Copying a phrase from a well known supermarket – Every little helps!

If you are on holiday here and do not wish to take home items such as books, beach towels, toiletries etc these can be handed in at our Services which will then be given  to the various Charities on the Island for their use.

The Rev. Elizabeth Bussman finished her address to the Synod with the words:
Learn to live differently in order to make a difference.